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Working with the "original Pilsner" is no small feat, but one we were happy to take on. Our mission was to rebuild the brand on-premise and help gain new listings as well as position the brand in Canada as an original (brand truth). We did this locally by focusing on events and partnerships with original restaurants and local icons to produce content and integrate the brand into the community, naturally. 

Content, grassroots events, sampling, and a complete social media overhaul contributed to the brand's resurgence in the Toronto market and turned around a hard sales decline, even resulting in scarcity on the shelf (sold out at 2 LCBO locations in Toronto, during the programming season).

Craftsmanship & Quality is a commitment  

Continuing with our commitment to craft and quality, we worked with local artisans to create custom events and content, then shared across our networks to gain additional impressions and engagement. These small scale events became large scale media overnight.

Keep the Craft Alive 

We also helped Pilsner Urquell to showcase their commitment to beer and craft at the 2018 Ossington Fes. Samples of the world's Original Pilsner were provided while customers were making their silk-screened custom tee-shirts. Pilsner Urquell also worked with local Tapster and Chefs to promote high-quality craftsmanship. 

We want customers to see that they are part of the urban environment and keeping the craft alive and well in the west end.


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